Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Job Category: Teaching, Research & Scholarship
Vacancy Type: Fixed term contract
Fixed Term Duration: 18 months
Employment: Type Full time

Closing Date  01/11/2021

An excellent opportunity has arisen for a Post-Doctoral Research Associate to join the Faculty of Science and Engineering, within the School of Life Sciences. This British Heart Foundation-supported project, will build on preliminary work that has shown that agonist stimulation of human platelets results in fluctuations in the concentration of intraplatelet zinc, consistent with a role as a secondary messenger. The project involves investigating the mechanisms responsible for platelet zinc fluctuations, and to examine physiological platelet responses to increased cytosolic zinc. This work will provide a better understanding of zinc-dependent messaging in platelets, and is likely to be of considerable influence to the regulation of platelet signalling pathways involved in normal haemostasis and pathogenic thrombus formation.

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