UK-TReN/HaemSTAR Dragons’ Den Session

Submit your research proposal now and defend it in front of a panel of dragons at BSH 2024. Winning project


We are looking for three project proposals that will be presented to a panel and audience in the UK-TReN/HaemSTAR session at BSH, Sunday 28th April 2024. We ask candidates to submit a short abstract (max 300 words) detailing the rationale, brief methods, aims, and objectives of a clinical research project that can be delivered through the UK-TReN and HaemSTAR research networks.

The project should focus on topics in haemostasis and thrombosis and can be observational, interventional, prospective, or retrospective. You do not have to have done any project planning thus far, this is simply a creative exercise. The presentation and Q&A will be supportive with the intention of the winning project being taken forward by the winner with UK-TReN/HaemSTAR support to apply for funding and deliver the project.

Please submit your abstract by Monday 4th March 2024 to [email protected]. Please include your name, current role, and place of work.