BSHT History

In July 1979, the International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis held its seventh International Congress at the Festival Hall, London. The President of the Congress was Professor GVR Born, FRS, the vice-president Professor TW Meade, FRS, and the scientific secretary the late Professor Arthur Bloom. The Congress was highly successful, and after all commitments were met, the organising Committee was left with a substantial financial surplus. The Committee then had to decide how to dispose of these funds. Various proposals were considered, and after much discussion the Committee agreed to give about half the surplus to the British Heart Foundation, in recognition of their support for research work in the field of thrombosis and haemostasis.

However, the committee considered that the success of the Congress should be commemorated by something of a more permanent nature, and Dr Duncan Thomas suggested that the balance of about 20,000 pounds be used set up a British Society for Haemostasis and Thrombosis. This proposal received general support from the Committee, and accordingly a letter was then sent to all those in the UK who were known to be interested in the field.

The response to this letter was very encouraging, and an inaugural meeting of the Society was held in the spring of 1980 at the Institute of Child Health in London, under the chairmanship of the late Professor Roger Hardisty. Short scientific papers were given by members of the organising committee of the 1979 Congress. The meeting then formally elected Professor GVR Born as the first President of the Society, with Dr Duncan Thomas as the first Secretary.

The decision was made early on to open membership to all interested individuals with a demonstrated commitment to the field, whether their background was primarily medical or scientific. The Society has continued to meet twice a year since 1980, and has grown to a membership of over 300. A scheme to award travel bursaries to young members of the society was introduced some years ago, and has proved highly successful.

Past Presidents

2017 Dr Jim Crawley
2015 Prof Robert Ariens
2013 Dr Henry Watson
2011 Dr Paul Harrison
2009 Dr Trevor Baglin
2007 Dr Gerry Dolan
2005 Dr Ian Mackie
2003 Prof Mike Greaves
2002 Prof Alison Goodall
2000 Prof Sam Machin
1999 Prof Robin Carrell
1998 Prof Jeremy Pearson
1997 Dr Nuala Booth
1996 Dr Trevor Barrowcliffe
1995 Prof Charles D Forbes
1994 Dr Tom Meade
1993 Dr Chris Ludlam
1992 Prof Stan Heptinstall
1991 Prof Gordon Lowe
1990 Prof David Lane
1989 Dr Eric Preston
1988 Prof Ian Peake
1987 Dr John Gordon
1986 Prof Colin Prentice
1985 Prof VV Kakkar
1984 Prof Duncan Thomas
1983 Prof Roger Hardisty
1982 Prof Arthur Bloom
1981 Prof McNicol
1980 Prof Gustav Born