HaemSTAR Webinar

Wednesday 24th April, 08:30 – 09:15
Prof. Bernhard Lämmle
TTP: the disease, its treatments and remaining challenges

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Join this special HaemSTAR webinar in collaboration with the limbic on Wednesday 24th April, 08:30 – 09:15.

This month we welcome Prof. Bernhard Lämmle who, in 1996, led the team that discovered ADAMTS13 as the vWF cleaving enzyme that is deficient in TTP.

So, nearly 30 years on, who better to discuss current treatments and future challenges. The webinar will be hosted by HaemSTAR Chair Richard Buka and the talk will be followed by a lively Q&A session.

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Probably platelets podcast

Probably platelets is a podcast, organised through the platelet society, where we have a chat with platelet researchers to get to know them, find out more about their career journey and laugh about some of their mistakes, and you never know we’ll probably talk about platelets. Probably platelets is hosted by Beth Webb and Alexandre Slater, post-doctoral researchers at the Universities of Leeds and Birmingham. The aim of this podcast is to humanise and debunk myths about scientists, as well as build trust with the general public. Let’s not forget that scientists are people too and there’s much more to us than the work we do! We hope you enjoy!

BSHT bursaries to attend ISTH – June 2024

The ISTH congress this year is being hosted in Bangkok from 22-26 June 2024

To ISTH congress website…

 The BSHT is pleased to announce that 19 travel bursaries to ISTH Bangkok 2024 have been awarded to Early Career Researchers, totalling £17,000. 

Additional bursaries have exceptionally been awarded thanks to the ISTH 2022 legacy fund. Watch this space for additional calls for travel awards!

Eligibility criteria for BSHT bursary awards at ISTH 2024:

  • Be the presenting author on an abstract accepted for an oral or poster presentation to the ISTH*

and Be either;

  • a paid up member of the BSHT
  • a student of any sort (e.g. PhD/MD/MSc/BSc) being supervised by a paid up member of the BSHT


  • Have attended a BSHT meeting in the past 2 years (not necessary for student applicants)


  • Not have a substantive or tenured academic/clinical position