Research Associate Position

Research Associate
Division of Infection and Immunity, Systems Immunity Research Institute
School of Medicine
College of Biomedical and Life Sciences

Application deadline – Sunday 26 September 2021
A Research Associate position funded by the British Heart Foundation is available in the laboratory of Professors Valerie O’Donnell and Peter Collins, in the Division of Infection and Immunity at Cardiff University School of Medicine. The aim of the programme is to advance understanding of the mechanisms by which lipids interact with clotting factors to modulate the development of abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA).  The work will be conducted as part of a recently funded British Heart Foundation Programme in collaboration with Oxford, Cambridge and Aberdeen. 

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Senior Research Technician – Cardiovascular Sciences

University of Birmingham
Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences
College of Medical and Dental Sciences

Application closes: 6 October 2021

This post is funded until 30/04/2024 to support Professor Morgan’s research in the Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences.

This role will support research currently funded by an NIH (USA) Programme grant looking at the function of a novel gene (SLFN14) that is implicated in patients with an inherited bleeding disorder. 

The role holder will contribute to the study through both in vivo and in vitro experimental methods using a variety of cellular and molecular biology techniques.

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National Thrombosis Survey Report virtual meeting

On Wednesday 13th October (World Thrombosis Day), we would be delighted if you accepted our invitation to join the National Thrombosis Survey Report virtual meeting where a panel will discuss opportunities for next steps to support improvement. Speakers include, Prof Tim Briggs (NHS GIRFT), Prof Roopen Arya (VTE Exemplar Network), Prof Beverley Hunt OBE (Thrombosis UK), Dr Lara Roberts (Lead Report writer), and Emma Gee, VTE Nurse Consultant, Becs Walsh, Lead Pharmacist for Anticoagulation and Thrombosis Prevention, and Robin Offord, Director of Clinical Pharmacy, London.

There will be opportunity to pose questions and add comment to this important topic, and we would very much welcome your involvement. To attend the online meeting please can you register here: and full information and joining details will be shared.

National Thrombosis Survey Report 2021

Thrombosis UK are sharing the recently published National Thrombosis Survey Report, developed in collaboration with NHS GIRFT (Getting It Right First Time) and the VTE Exemplar Network. You can download and read the full report here.

As you may be aware, the GIRFT national programme is designed to improve the treatment and care of patients through in-depth review of services, benchmarking, and presenting a data-driven evidence base to support change.

Run between 2019-2020, the National Thrombosis Survey, examined hospital-acquired thromboembolism (HA-VTE) utilising GIRFT’s established methodology to gather and analyse data on the rates of hospital-acquired VTE and evidence recommendations to improve:

  • Prevention
  • Cost savings
  • Patient outcomes

Thrombosis UK was delighted to be part of this innovative project which has now provided evidenced and reasoned recommendations for current practice to improve effective and efficient thrombosis prevention and management of hospital acquired thrombosis without the need for radical change or additional investment.

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Job Category: Teaching, Research & Scholarship
Vacancy Type: Fixed term contract
Fixed Term Duration: 18 months
Employment: Type Full time

Closing Date  01/11/2021

An excellent opportunity has arisen for a Post-Doctoral Research Associate to join the Faculty of Science and Engineering, within the School of Life Sciences. This British Heart Foundation-supported project, will build on preliminary work that has shown that agonist stimulation of human platelets results in fluctuations in the concentration of intraplatelet zinc, consistent with a role as a secondary messenger. The project involves investigating the mechanisms responsible for platelet zinc fluctuations, and to examine physiological platelet responses to increased cytosolic zinc. This work will provide a better understanding of zinc-dependent messaging in platelets, and is likely to be of considerable influence to the regulation of platelet signalling pathways involved in normal haemostasis and pathogenic thrombus formation.

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Committee promotion news

Congratulations to the following committee members on their recent promotion:

Neil Moran has been promoted to Professor Cardiovascular Genetics at Univ of Birmingham

Craig Hughes has been promoted to Associate Professor of Cardiovascular Biology at University of Reading