BSHT Early Career Researchers

The BSHT is committed to supporting the development of its Early Career Researcher (ECR) members.  As part of this commitment, in 2022 we created a role for an ECR representative on the committee, to which Dr Claire Whyte (Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Aberdeen) was appointed.  

Since 2022 we have included a session specifically targeted for ECR development as part of the annual meeting. These panel discussions have covered 

  • Useful guide to ‘preparing for your first postdoctoral position’ – Dr Timea Feller (Leeds) 
  • A valuable insight into ‘planning, preparing for and applying for fellowships’ – Dr Julie Rayes (Birmingham) 
  • A useful guide to ‘building successful collaborations’ to help you learn how to expand your network and form links with other labs and researchers – Professor Jon Gibbins (Reading) 
  • A very useful guide to ‘Getting that clinical research fellowship’ – Dr Paraskevi Untiveros (Aberdeen) 
  • An insightful overview of ‘the ECR pathway from PhD to fellowship’ to provide advice and tips on how to get the best out of your years as an ECR – Professor Mirela Delibegovic (Aberdeen) 
  • ISTH training Fellowship – Propelling your research with a laboratory exchange – Dr Harriet Allan (London)
  • What makes a strong Fellowship application? – Prof Jules Hancox (Bristol)
  • The pros and cons of academia vs industry – Prof Anna Randi (London) 
  • Getting the work life balance – Dr Josefin Ahnström (London)

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Let BSHT help you celebrate your successes

We would like to celebrate the successes of our ECR members so please get in touch if you have good news (new publications, awards, laboratory exchanges, outreach) you would like to share.   Please confirm at the time of submission that you are happy for this to be shared via social media and/or be included in the BSHT quarterly newsletter.

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