Abstract Submission

Abstract submission: 23:59 hrs Monday 20 August
Abstract notification of submission outcome: Friday 14 September

Instructions to Authors

  1. The abstracts submitted should not have been published or presented at another meeting. Abstracts previously presented at other meetings will be acceptable for presentation pending peer review and if suitably modified or updated.
  1. To submit please complete the on line form below. All applications will be received by the Scientific Secretary – Prof Helen Philippou (h.philippou@leeds.ac.uk).
  1. The abstract must contain no more than 300 words (excluding title, authors and affiliation). Use calibri font size 12, with single spacing. The title should be typed in capital letters, using bold face. Follow on directly, using upper and lower cases, with the names and addresses of the authors, with the presenting author underlined. Leave one clear line between the addresses and the start of the body text. The abstract body should be structured using bold Background, Aims, Methods, Results, Summary/conclusions headings. For Greek or other special characters, use the “Symbols” font.
  1. The abstract should include a couple of background sentences, the aims of the study, brief methodology, data and results and main conclusion(s). Tables of figures are discouraged unless absolutely necessary; references should not be included.
  1. On the form below, authors should also include correspondence details, including: full name, institution, address, email address, telephone number. They should indicate whether they have a preference for oral or poster presentation and if they would like to be considered for the scientist in training session.

Contact address:
Prof Helen Philippou
LICAMM, University of Leeds, The LIGHT Building, Clarendon way, Leeds, LS2 9JT
Email : h.philippou@leeds.ac.uk

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Please tick boxes for preference and indicate whether the presenting author wishes to be considered for the “Scientist in Training Session”.*

**“Scientists in Training” are students registered for higher degrees: MPhil, PhD, or MD. Evidence of registration for a further degree or a supporting letter from the head of department or section manager must be provided at the time of abstract submission.
(the highest scoring abstracts from this category will be offered free registration)

Please attach a word file of your abstract to include the title, authors, affilitations, addresses and full body text

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