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BSHT 2021 Virtual Scientific Meeting

Thank you to the delegates who attended the BSHT Virtual Scientific Meeting that took place on 11 and 12 March 2021. We had a variety of excellent presentations discussing the latest scientific and clinical data in the field of haemostasis and thrombosis.

All of the talks, live Q&A sessions and poster presentations are available on demand for one month to all registered attendees.

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Congratulations to the awardees at the BSHT Virtual Scientific Meeting 2021:

Winner of the Scientist in Training Award: Yu Shi (University of Leeds) for her talk on “Neutrophils can Promote Clotting via FXI and Impact Clot Structure via Neutrophil Extracellular Traps in a Distinctive Manner in vitro”

Runner-up: Matt Sims (University of Cambridge) for his talk on “A common factor V haplotype that protects against venous thrombosis results in a tissue factor pathway inhibitor-alpha dependent prolongation of lag time to thrombin generation”

Who should attend?

Scientists, clinicians, researchers, laboratory staff

Final Programme
Start End Day 1
Thursday 11 March – Basic Science
09:00 09:35 Networking and virtual exhibition
09:30 09:35 Welcome
09:35 11:00 SESSION ONE: Plenary 1 and Oral Communication 1
Co-Chairs: Mike Laffan & Isabelle Salles-Crawley
09:35 10:00 Advances in understanding the Pathophysiology of Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura
Karen Vanhoorelbeke (KU Leuven)
Karen- Vanhoorelbeke
10:00 11:00 Oral Communications 1   
10:00 10:15 1
Multicolour flow cytometry reveals novel platelet subpopulations that are remodelled by cAMP signalling

Matthew Hindle
10:15 10:30 2
Exploiting the role of GPVI and Syk inhibition in thrombus stability

Gina Perrella
10:30 10:45 3
Crystal structure of the Von Willebrand Factor A1 domain Caplacizumab complex

Alexander Brown
10:45 11:00 4
Targeting human GPVI with novel monoclonal antibodies inhibits platelet function

Eva Soriano Jerez
11:00 11:30 Break – networking and virtual exhibition
11:30 13:00 SESSION TWO: Plenary 2 and Oral Communications 2
Co-Chairs: Nikki Mutch & Josefin Ahnstrom
11:30 12:00 The dynamics of thrombus formation under flow
Mikhail Panteleev (Lomonosov Moscow State University)
Prof Mikhail A Panteleev
12:00 13:00 Oral Communications 2    
12:00 12:15 5
Development of engineered liposomes for targeted thrombolytic therapy

Yu Huang
12:15 12:30 6
Development of an ex vivo model of venous thrombosis

Laura Mereweather
12:30 12:45 7
Fibrinogen replacement therapy for traumatic coagulopathy: does the fibrinogen source matter?

Gael Morrow
12:45 13:00 8
Investigating the role of the novel, monoallelic GPIba G138V variant in patients with inherited bleeding

Jack Yule
13:00 14:00 Lunch Break – networking and virtual exhibition
13:00 13:30 Annual General Meeting (BSHT Members only)
14:00 15:00 Poster Session
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Start End Day 2
Friday 12 March – Basic Science / Clinical
09:00 09:00 Networking and virtual exhibition
09:35 11:00 SESSION THREE: Plenary 3 and Clinical Education
Co-Chairs: Laura Green & Henry Watson
09:30 10:00 Coagulopathy of COVID-19
Deepa Arachchillage (Imperial College, London)
Deepa Arachchillage
    Clinical Education Session
Chair: Laura Green
10:00 10:20 Findings from the Getting It Right First Time Thrombosis Survey
Lara Roberts (King’s College, London)
Dr Lara Roberts
10:20 10:40 Global Haemostatic Assays and Treatments in Trauma
Nikki Curry (Oxford)
Dr Nicola Curry
10:40 11:00 Management of ITP during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Sue Pavord (Oxford)
Dr Sue Pavord
11:00 11:30 Break – networking and virtual exhibition
11:30 13:00 SESSION FOUR: Plenary 4 and Oral Communications 3
Co-Chairs: Helen Philippou & Nikki Curry
11:30 12:00 Enzyme oxidised phospholipids in bleeding and thrombotic disorders
Peter Collins (Cardiff)
Peter Collins
12:00 13:00 Oral Communications 3 – Scientists in Training    
12:00 12:15 9
Heterozygous mutation, SLFN14 K208N in mice mediates species-specific differences in platelet and erythroid lineage commitment

Rachel Stapley
12:15 12:30 10
Neutrophils can Promote Clotting via FXI and Impact Clot Structure via Neutrophil Extracellular Traps in a Distinctive Manner in vitro

Yu Shi
12:30 12:45 11
Anti-GPVI nanobodies as a novel tool to inhibit thrombus formation but not adhesion on atherosclerotic plaque under flow

Natalie Jooss
12:45 13:00 12
A common factor V haplotype that protects against venous thrombosis results in a tissue factor pathway inhibitor-alpha dependent prolongation of lag time to thrombin generation

Matthew Sims
13:00 13:45 Lunch Break – networking and virtual exhibition
13:45 15:15 SESSION FIVE: Plenary 5 and Oral Communications 4
Co-Chairs: Jim Crawley & Cedric Duval
13:45 14:15 Mechanisms of Cancer-Associated Thrombosis
Nigel Mackman (University of North Carolina)
Nigel Mackman
14:15 15:15 Oral Communications 4
14:15 14:30 13
Lack of Fibrinogen αC-subdomains Leads to Stunted Fibre Growth, Clot Instability and Increased Fibrinolysis

Helen McPherson
14:30 14:45 14
Absence of γ-γ crosslinks by FXIIIa makes individual fibrin fibers less stiff and more prone to rupture

Timea Feller
14:45 15:00 15
Monocytes expose factor XIII-A and stabilize thrombi against fibrinolytic degradation

Fahad S Alshehri
15:00 15:15 16
The fibrinolytic potential of thrombi is dictated by shear stress and tPA concentration

Claire Whyte
    Close Day 2
Abstract submission

Abstract submissions are invited for oral presentation at the 2021 virtual meeting.

Abstract submission deadline: CLOSED
Abstract notification of submission outcome: emailed 13 February

Registration fees
BSHT Members £30
Scientists and Healthcare professionals who are not BSHT members or trainees £50
Trainees (PhD students, undergraduate students and junior doctors) £15
Industry professionals (Pharma, diagnostic and other commercial companies) £100

** Registration criteria for trainees:
If you are a student registered for a higher degree (e.g. MPhil, PhD, or MD), a junior doctor or a biomedical scientist in training, evidence of registration or a supporting letter from your head of department or section manager should be provided in all cases.  You can upload the evidence via the registration form.

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